Quote of the day:

We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil.

--Donald Knuth

Note: This site is still under construction.


  • 26.04.2008

    Version 0.94 of ImmDoc .NET has been released. Couple of minor bugs have been fixed and the possibility to include internal and private members has been added.

  • 25.06.2007

    Version 0.93 of ImmDoc .NET has been released. I've added support for CHM output.

I'm currently in a process of redesigning my old homepage. Much is to be done because I've decided to translate each piece of material I had published into english as I want to target wider audience :]

Links on the right should work although many pages are still in polish. You may be interested in ImmDoc .NET as this is the project I've been working on recently and its homepage is already translated into english.

I'm going to successively translate other stuff and put it here so stay tuned. To give you an overview of what you'll find here soon check out the list below.

List of the things to come:

  • Project BreakQuest Mobile

    innovative clone of arkanoid for mobile phones (implemented in Java Micro Edition; commercial product),

  • Project Hexigma

    logic game implemented for Pocket PC in .NET Compact Framework (commercial product),

  • Project ImmStats

    ASP .NET application for generating WWW statistics,

  • Project ImmCracker

    .NET application for cracking passwords (brute-force or dictionary-based),

  • Project ImmOrganizer

    simple .NET application which aims to ease the life of busy people ;),

  • Project Polonizer

    web service which tries to augment polish text with missing cedilla; obviously this project won't be of much interest to people other than polish,

  • Project Hangman

    implementation of this classic game for the *nix platform using ncurses,

  • Project Tetris

    another classic game for the *nix platfom (ncurses),

  • Project Ceglak (Bricker?)

    and yet another, but not so classic, game for the *nix platform (ncurses),

  • Project DeadLock

    online, turn-based, tactical game implemented using managed DirectX (DirectDraw); actually one wouldn't call this a game yet because it's clearly in early pre-alpha phase, but I'm going to put it here anyway,

  • Project SQLEngine

    simple database engine and sql-like language interpreter to access it; implemented in C; academic project,

  • Project DCompiler

    emulator of imaginary processor called Sextium along with an assembler and disassembler; also the compiler of D language (lexer, parser and code generator); implemented in C++; academic project,

  • Three reports on projects realised during the Numerical Analysis course

    polynomial interpolation, splines, etc.,

  • Three reports on projects realised during the Artificial Intelligence course

    predicting the next number in a sequence (various space search methods implemented in Common LISP); chart parser implemented in C# (and an example of cooperation of .NET with Prolog); program for automatic inflection of polish nouns and verbs (implemented in C++),

  • Solutions for couple of problems from Formal Languages and Complexity Theory course

    yeah, as if I'm going to ever translate it ;),

  • A few programs implemented during the Foundations of Computer Graphics course

    the most interesting one should be ImageInpainter - a program to automatically fill in the holes in images with surrounding background,

  • Presentation of essential concepts in Aspect Oriented Programming

    along with examples in Java and C#,

  • ... and maybe some more.